Consciousness Hacking & Transtechlab chapter The Netherlands

Hi there,

I’ve been granted the chapter leader status for both the Consciousness Hacking as the Transformative Technology Lab communities for The Netherlands. I want to organize meetups and create visibility on the topics of computer tech, consciousness and human potential. I also wish to add Humane Tech to the equation and I’m looking for people who feel inspired to help me. For more info see ( for the English version).

I’m more of a thinker/ philosopher/visionary then a doer/ manifestor/generator, so anyone that wants to join me to get this thing going is more than welcome. Then please drop me an email via


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Nice, Yfke!

You state your interests at appropriate time. Not only will we have closing partnership as an important strategic aspect of our community (See our revised Mission and Vision statements), but we will also be going big on our Events and meetup activities (see Eventful campaign) in close cooperation with CHT.

However, it will take a bit more time before we can provide more clairity and roadmaps for this, as we are in the midst of planning a reorganization to align with the new mission and the CHT itself.

Keep following our announcement, and any feedback is most welcome. And keep posting interesting subjects, so we can help bring them in play :slight_smile:

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