Meetups/discussion platform in The Netherlands

Hi there,

I’m passionate about the cutting edge of computer technology and human potential, where consciousness is key. I’m located in The Netherlands and I’ve created an online platform called Soulvalley and I represent the Dutch Consciousness Hacking movement. I’ve written a book called ‘Bits, Bytes & Bewustzijn’ (‘Bewustzijn’ means Consciousness in Dutch) and launched a free app to go along with this and I’d like to organize meetups about all these extremely important topics that are to be found on this forum.

Anyone interested to join or join forces? Do drop me an email at
For more info see

Thank and looking forward to meeting you, live or online!

Virtual Vibes,

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oh and feel free to join my FB group here:

Hey Yfke,

Mad respect for the work you’ve put out there for the heightening of human potential and consciousness. I’m from Singapore and am planning to study in the Netherlands next year at either Leiden or the UvA. I have a friend residing in your country who is doing similar work as you. His foundation might be of interest to you:

I am personally very passionate about the mindful use of technology and exploration of ways we can make technology healthier for our cognitive health. Hopefully, we’ll be able to meet when I am there next year.


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Hi Sean/ TomKrishna, I am based in Singapore now and wondering if you are keen to do a meetup locally before you head off to Netherlands next year?

I have been taking digital detox holidays since 7 years ago and started a meditation app company last year after a year-long sabbatical. Lets connect on LinkedIn if you are keen?


Hi Sean,

Thank you for your kind reply, I’d love to meet when you’re in the area. Let me know when this will be. I’m very much looking forward to it.

Keep up the good work!

Virtual Vibes,