Call for Action: Join the Humane Tech Awareness program - From Awareness to Cultural Awakening!

I’d like to help out with writing for the Awareness Campaigns project. How about scripts for short videos that show how ridiculous and out-of-control society’s addiction to the smartphone has become (and the most unfortunate consequences that result). In other words, how about “funny” in addition to “fear”? We all want to remember something funny, and we all would like to forget something that creates fear…However, I do agree that using fear to a certain degree also works. Here’s a quote from Psych. Today: “We can use humor to put our fears into perspective. Humor addresses the same issues as fear, not to dismiss them, but to strengthen our ability to confront them and then laugh them away from the door.”

I’ll check out Github and see how it goes (it sounds user-friendly)! I’d also like to help out with some tag lines/ slogans that can be promoted. By the way, there’s an editorial in today’s WSJ titled: “Watch Your Kids, Not Your Phone” – “They’ll never grow up again, so don’t let yourself be distracted.” Lots of material everywhere to help create campaigns that hits home with parents, children and everyone!!

Love :heart: that @Dori. Thank you! Please consider yourself part of the team :slight_smile:

You’re welcome! Yes, I look forward to working with this team. Terms like “Phone Zombies” will work well with funny videos.


Amazing work with the recent changes. Count me in.

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Delighted to have you @andrewmonty! We are growing, people, we are growing strong :slight_smile:

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The “Speak Easy” campaign theme and “Phone Zombies” campaign have just been launched (see on Github for related discussions). Correct me if I am wrong, @aschrijver, but I believe @Dori makes a good point here: this new lingo is meant to be funny and light-hearted.

The “Mankind 2.0” campaign theme and “Reality Shock” campaign of short, dramatic videos are for now not meant to be humorous, working on shock - or fears - instead.

Good to have both approaches, great idea!

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Yes, humorous, preferably hilarious even, with a surprise effect. All to maximize chance of video going viral :clown_face:

(newcomers to this post, first (re-)read this topic’s starter post.)

Dear @Campaigners team,

The past couple of days @anon51879794 and I (with much help of @micheleminno, @patm and @healthyswimmer) have spent way more than a full-time job to get the foundation of our project in place. We are still far from having that foundation in optimal shape, but want to report to you, what we’ve been doing, and hopefully provide some more handholds for you to jump in too.

Our ultimate goal is to get a project that runs at a steady and healthy pace, and where you - fellow team members - feel comfortable to participate in. And you can help with that! But first an overview:

(I moved the remainder of this message to the topic post at the top, going from Current project status).


Hello @aschrijver im still a student, Im so interested in the campaign and would love to help you with everything I can do. Maybe id be a bump in the way you all work but once I get the right start im sure I can help a lot.

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I am sure of that too Pavan. Welcome to the team!

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I’m happy to help where I can. I can’t spare much time, but happy to help raise awareness using the social channels which I’m building for my blog covering similar topics. And on the blog itself where relevant.

Great Justin! Put your Campaigners hat on, because now you are on the team :partying_face: Participation does not come with commitments or obligations. Your best efforts will do, if you decide to commit yourself to some task :slight_smile:

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Hi! I would like to be a part of this campaign to create awareness! Digital dementia is at its peak, appreciate the initiative @aschrijver, count me in.


You are in, @Shiv! And very nice to have you!

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Hi everyone !
I would be very happy to take part in this project. You can count me in @aschrijver.


Hey Youssef! That is wonderful! I’ll add you to our Campaigners team right away :slight_smile:

Guys, it is all good news you are keen to get involved in this awareness initiative. Next step: get on the Github repository now (there is a link at the top here), sign up, and start contributing (it’s as easy as 1-2-3).

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@aschrijver Please count me in. I’m time-limited by my startup but keen to contribute in any way possible. I’m now watching the repo on GitHub.

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Splendid! I hereby welcom you as our 18th member :slight_smile: