Community and project custodians and their responsibilities

@anon51879794 - Learning the mechanics of Github repository as we speak. Once I know the full Github ropes, I should be able to see all projects therein and provide insights, financial and otherwise. I’ve been establishing ties with non-profit organizations whose fundamental principals align with those of the CHT. @aschrijver knows and values these organizations, so I know I’m not wasting my time. I also find it comforting that we at the CHT are not alone in this fundamental mission. Cheers to all CHT campaigners.

Hi @Hex

This possibility of cooperating with other non-profit is interesting. I recently had a chat with another member who suggested the same. At the time, the only concern I expressed was the necessity to have a strong alignment of mission, purposes, and strategy (here I have been pushing to focus on awareness campaigns as a first step, but that is a view that may not be shared by all), and also beware of one community “taking over” another, which would kill or seriously challenge our originality and creativity. Ok, these may not be valid concerns in the case you have in mind - just trying to be cautious…

Agreed. Since my first topic post on the CHT, I have learned a lot from @aschrijver’s wisdom. I think I now understand why the terminology in my first topic may not have been well received or understood. The notion of scientific prediction, as it relates to epistemology, axiology (i.e., ethics and value research), and “systems thinking” are key academic leadership skills with their own library of terminologies that are all necessary to deal with the fundamental interconnectedness of complex, local-to-global economic, social and environmental issues. These fundamental academic terminologies underlie the CHT’s mission, purpose and strategy.

But I agree that awareness through highlighting the problem is our first concern; that should be done in 1. plain English, 2. be informative, and 3. be entertaining (to keep their attentions glued to the inhumane tech problem). But in addition, my campaign aims to connect these three pillars to a fourth, an actual proposed solution (for those wanting to take action after viewing the presentation). To further that objective I am gathering technical information from open sources and organizations which I now realize can fill pages upon pages in a white paper. To be cautious, I will keep these organization names out of our CHT forum until the day they appear on my Github project, and before I launch my Github project, I will brainstorm everything with CHT leaders to ensure ethics considerations. Since @aschrijver has the most experience (and assuming he’s OK with it), I suggest we elect @aschrijver as the CHT’s safety valve before any sensitive moves are made.

With all due respect duly owed to @aschrijver notably for his leading role as a community moderator from a very early stage, I suggest we refrain from assigning further responsibilities to individual members such as a veto power or final say on specific issues, as you here suggest. I appreciate your purpose is laudable (having some sort of safety in place), but a community should move by consensus.

I have no objection. My only goal is to make certain not to violate any CHT ethics before I open a Github project or post an idea which names a foreign organization in the CHT forum. I did not mean to imply that your input in such a sensitive decision (at that time when it is an issue) is any less valuable. In fact, if I could get an equal vote from all CHT members before proposing such Github project, then that would be optimal. I’m just not sure how I might achieve that, but if anybody has an idea on how that could be done, I’d be all for it.

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Good point. One way is to create a new topic, which would be discussed by the community, then a vote can take place (just an idea, not sure if that would be representative enough, and again that links to your caution earlier about the possible need of a safety mechanism). Maybe to link up with another community would require a so-called supermajority (say more than 70% of Yeas)?

I have moved this to a separate topic, from Call for Participation: The Humane Tech Awareness Campaigns project has started. This because it is not directly related, and requires addressing separately.

But that at due time. Right now we’ve all been very busy creating the first foundation of the Awareness Campaigns project, and are in need of a cooldown period. My first priority is getting this project going at a steady and healthy pace.

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