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Indeed. Thanks @patm I had no idea…


@aschrijver surprises us time and again. He is the best :sunny:


Nice work @aschrijver. More than happy to support on the awarness/video part. Worked on a project myself as well called One Minute Off, in which I distributed short movies to let people’s mind drift away form their devices. Never fully launched the project, but got 30+ hand-picked vimeo videos that will disconnect you for a short amount of time.


Great! Consider yourself part of the team, @martijn.catz! Maybe we could pick up on the project together?


Proper funding for all projects will be key. For my project a writer’s contests is one example of a relevant funding source. For shorter Youtube videos other sources depend heavily on the nature and content of the suggested video. The same is true for literary works. I will be supportive of all members who suggest such awareness projects. If asked, I can point out the most relevant source of financing most likely available to them that comes to my mind for their specific project.


Hi @Hex! Cool that you have another idea. This is not the best topic to elaborate though. Best is to fill in an issue template on Github, by selecting one of the Issue types. After that the template can be copied to a forum topic in Awareness > Projects & Campaigns category. Alternatively you can copy the Markdown text of the issue type and create a new forum topic using that. In that case the issue in Github will follow later.


Hi @Hex

Would you like to share your views on financing in the relevant Issue created on the Github repository?


It is great to see strong interest in this initiative. I just had a chat with one of you and realized that many of you may be new to Github. Hope that is not an impediment. On the awareness campaign Github page, you will see some guidelines welcoming new users and explaining how to get started. With these you should be all set in a matter of minutes and ready to participate.


It is a late reaction to this post, but important to confirm this is indeed a key aspect of the “Reality Shock” campaign of short, dramatic videos. The current situation is already bad as it is, no need to “lecture” audiences about the “evils” of technology. Instead, illustrate how shocking the actual situation is, while leaving all the thinking to the viewers. We try to cooly present the facts, albeit in a dramatic and intriguing fashion. We are not as dystopian as Black Mirror, where many themes can seem far-fetched and irrelevant.


I will say that I have zero familiarity with GitHub, and though I signed up I have no idea how to use it or participate there. I’m not a tech person but I’m also not a Luddite, but I’ll need help if I’m going to use this tool / platform to participate and I would venture to guess I’m not alone.


Hi @khkey! Please do not worry. Things will get clear. For now it is good to know you (and other @Campaigners ) are prepared to help. Currently we (@Georges, @patm, @micheleminno and I) are very busy preparing the way.

We will post additional instructions, provide guidance and take you by the hand to make you familiar with the project structure we are setting up currently

Please bear with us :slight_smile:


PS regarding Github - having an account - you can start reading the Open issues to inform yourself, and if you feel you can contribute to the discussion, do not hesitate to add a comment.

We will also create cross-reference on this forum, where general discussion can take place. The issues on Github are targeted to get more and more detailed (as in a project breakdown structure) and related to single tasks that can be picked up by people on there own initiative. More info to follow…


I believe you are absolutely right and others share your apprehensions. You can take your first steps on Github very easily by participating in discussions under the “Issues” tab (not unlike this forum).


@khkey I’m in a similar position so don’t worry. @aschrijver will post clear instructions on how to logistically use the Github- so keep checking back. In time it will be more clear.


I’d like to help out with writing for the Awareness Campaigns project. How about scripts for short videos that show how ridiculous and out-of-control society’s addiction to the smartphone has become (and the most unfortunate consequences that result). In other words, how about “funny” in addition to “fear”? We all want to remember something funny, and we all would like to forget something that creates fear…However, I do agree that using fear to a certain degree also works. Here’s a quote from Psych. Today: “We can use humor to put our fears into perspective. Humor addresses the same issues as fear, not to dismiss them, but to strengthen our ability to confront them and then laugh them away from the door.”

I’ll check out Github and see how it goes (it sounds user-friendly)! I’d also like to help out with some tag lines/ slogans that can be promoted. By the way, there’s an editorial in today’s WSJ titled: “Watch Your Kids, Not Your Phone” – “They’ll never grow up again, so don’t let yourself be distracted.” Lots of material everywhere to help create campaigns that hits home with parents, children and everyone!!


Love :heart: that @Dori. Thank you! Please consider yourself part of the team :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! Yes, I look forward to working with this team. Terms like “Phone Zombies” will work well with funny videos.


Amazing work with the recent changes. Count me in.


Delighted to have you @andrewmonty! We are growing, people, we are growing strong :slight_smile:


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