Zebra-striped rows; coloring 'Meetup' posts separately?

I added light zebra striping: rows have lightly different background colors. Is this helpful? annoying?

Meetup discussions also seem quite different from the rest: they are about an event w a date, and of interest mainly to a subset of people living nearby. what could we do to set them apart, or cluster them separately?


The effect is quite subtle. I didn’t notice until I read your post and checked again. The striping seems not to be every other row, but 2 rows white, 1 row gray. Also below the ‘last visit’ orange line there is only a single white background row.

Together with the title text, which is black when it has new messages and grey if I had visited the topic and there are no new entries, this makes it look a bit messy.

I will think of a good solution, and maybe PM some of our UX / graphic designer members to ask their opinion.

Wrt Meetups, maybe we can have an entry in the top bar besides New, Unread, Top, Categories, Meetups, and fitler them out from the main list entirely (if that is possible). Could give ‘Meetups’ a separate color or flat-pixel button-like appearance in that case to make it stand out.

BTW I don’t know how many of our chapters use Meetup, but I was planning of asking our fine member Yvette (@lolarobot), who is CTO of Meetup, if their product allows having a ‘group of groups’ for all chapters related to the CHT. If that sounds interesting, we can explore the options in separate topic.

Thanks for reaching out. I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but you can create a network of Meetup group that share a single topic, owner, and set of templates and dashboards. You can read more here:

Thanks for chiming in, Yvette!

Yes, that could be what I meant. On my last count we had 23 different meetup groups dispersed around the world. If they would all be on Meetup as seperate groups and than offering an aggregate view under one ‘mother’ page/group for the CHT… was my ‘group of groups’ idea.

Don’t know how core team likes this idea, and I am not going over financial aspects either. I see that special rates are offered to non-profits, though.

An umbrella sounds neat. I haven’t used that service before on meetup. I don’t want groups use of a shared platform to be limited by budget, so a solution that isn’t prohibitive for casual users would be ideal! The core service we need is separate mailing lists by region…

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