Next CT meeting - decision process


it should be good to have another @CommunityTeam meeting (and maybe plan a recurring meeting each week/two weeks/…) to discuss about big and small issues about forum, website, relation to CHT after their event and so on. What do you think?


Yes, we should do that. I suggest we follow @jonatoni’s advice and plan recurring bi-weekly meetings (so as not lay too much a burden on everyone). We hold the meetings with those that can be present at the time.

I suggest the following for the format of these meetings:

  • We make them 40 min. Just the amount that Zoom allows us for free.
  • Each meeting has a theme plus an agenda beforehand and we try to stick to it
    • Earlier meetings easily went way over time and we didn’t really adress the agenda points
  • We put agenda up in a GH issue in engagement-ideas repo and add results afterwards as comments
  • Then we post an update to a pinned wiki post in Announcements on the forum
    • It has one associated Discussion thread for the meetings itself
    • It provides links to discussion threads related to the agenda points that were discussed
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Since we are leaderless and we need to make the website/forum evolve, we need to agree on a decision process about how we want the website/forum evolve, according to our vision and objectives.

So I propose for the @CommunityTeam :

  • a regular video meeting, where they decide by majority the main issues to be done in the next period until the next meeting.

  • All meeting activity and decisions will be well-documented on the forum.

  • Feedbacks from other members taken into consideration

  • Everything would evolve smoothly following the natural pace of the community.

  • Any technical advancements in any directions beyond what agreed on the last meeting will be valued in the next meeting and accepted or discarded by the CT (Community Team).


I agree about having regular meeting and want to suggest that a few others be invited to attend as well.

I have in mind @chris_davies_sanjose and perhaps @henryrowswell.


We can completely open it up. We just hold meetings every 2 weeks, with some or all CT members present, and anyone else is free to join. We don’t do introductory rounds (too time-consuming then, or maybe do quick one sentence intro’s), and we go through the predefined agenda points.

Only thing I wonder is if this is too early. That we should have a bit more streamlined organization before we go this route.


Well this is a chicken-and-the-egg problem. Let’s do it now; with practice, we will become more efficient and better organized.


Yea, I think you are right. Anyway, open meetups will be a great way to get more people active, I expect, and also face-to-face is so much better than all this typing.


These two points are well taken. If the community moves too fast with members that are online more than others- this will severely limit the amount of people that participate.

There should be a focus on posting topics and not just managing the forum. We are a forum not a company…


Hi everyone. Sorry I’ve been slammed and away from the board for a bit. I think the team meetings are good, the last one, even though I wasnt able to attend for much of it, was extremely helpful.

@aschrijver I think that because things are not as streamlined it would be a good call to action for the meeting itself to get others involved.

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Yes, I agree. Now that @micheleminno and I have “graduated” from the MOL program, we can focus on planning. Happy to attend whatever anyone wants to set up.


What I’m trying to do here is collect the ideas that will help us create a format for our meetings. Here are the main points as I see them:

  • meeting every two weeks
  • 40 minutes
  • produce and stick to an agenda
  • open to whichever CT members can make it, plus members who want to participate
  • skip introductions (we can post these at the forum along with the agenda)

Let me add the following:

  • Someone be the timekeeper and make sure no one person goes on too long. I can do this since I have a small replica of the Liberty Bell and can ring it. I also have a cat toy which makes a good sound when squeezed :cat:

Suggested agenda item:

We will be having our Mozilla sprint event on May 25. @Siddhi, @micheleminno, and I will be leading a Zoom call for one to two hours, inviting people to join HTC, answering questions about the organization, etc.

At our planning meeting, can we talk about ways to make this successful, e.g., having CT members recommend the event to friends, family, colleagues? Perhaps CT members could even drop by and talk about why they joined the forum, how it benefits them, etc.


Dear all,

We did not set up a meeting, and now the Mozilla sprint event is upon us. It will be in five days!

Do we want to get together to talk about ways to make the event successful? Or would you like to discuss it here on the forum?


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Can we start a topic about what would they like to talk about?
And maybe create an hashtag so people can talk about it on twitter?

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Mic, I’d like to post a general call for topics, thoughts, etc., on the forum, saying we are collecting these in order to help make the sprint event successful.

Also responded to @richard1 with an invitation to join the event. Realize I’m deviating a bit from the purpose of the event, which is to get new people to join the forum, but I hope it’s OK to invite current members as well.


@patm thanks for the invitation. But I cannot be sure but I would like to help or share one way or another.


I think the most useful thing to do before the event is to describe the status of all activities we do or we want to do in the future (I’m doing it here for campaigns I started or contributed to), subdividing them into tasks and subtasks to encourage new people to join and contribute.

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How can we make this forum more interesting, lively and easy to join in? Any ideas are welcome.

That sounds awesome, Mic. :cat2:

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