Organizing the organizers

What I’m trying to do here is collect the ideas that will help us create a format for our meetings. Here are the main points as I see them:

  • meeting every two weeks
  • 40 minutes
  • produce and stick to an agenda
  • open to whichever CT members can make it, plus members who want to participate
  • skip introductions (we can post these at the forum along with the agenda)

Let me add the following:

  • Someone be the timekeeper and make sure no one person goes on too long. I can do this since I have a small replica of the Liberty Bell and can ring it. I also have a cat toy which makes a good sound when squeezed :cat:

Suggested agenda item:

We will be having our Mozilla sprint event on May 25. @sidnya, @micheleminno, and I will be leading a Zoom call for one to two hours, inviting people to join HTC, answering questions about the organization, etc.

At our planning meeting, can we talk about ways to make this successful, e.g., having CT members recommend the event to friends, family, colleagues? Perhaps CT members could even drop by and talk about why they joined the forum, how it benefits them, etc.


As you know, I’m trying to set up a public video call for this Friday. The urgency is that Cameron Adams is leaving for a two-month work thing around the middle of June, and we wanted to do a followup call before then. He will be talking about his project, and others who want to present will be able to do so.

A video call for the CT itself is needed as well. We have lost the motivation we had in May to organize ourselves, and I feel we need to reignite that. We need to establish a rhythm of checking in with each other, discussing how to make progress, and so forth.


@gkrishnaks and I have been conversing on Wire, and I am wondering if we might use it for CT calls.

I think we could experiment by adding @micheleminno and whoever else wants to try it. LMK if you’re interested.