Proposal: an HTC podcast

I’ve been talking with @gkrishnaks about ways to let people know about the Firefox addons he’s developed. We hit upon the idea of doing a podcast, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to make this an HTC series. With that possibility in mind, I drafted a Canva image and was excited to learn that C now has animation features.

The system software doesn’t allow me to upload the mp4 file I created, but here is the image.

Please LMK if we can proceed under the aegis of HTC and use What the Tech as the series title. Of course, I’m happy to allow the CT to preview the podcast.


Oh my goodness this is an amazing idea. There is already a tech podcast called What the Tech on Spotify, but that name is not as important as the content! I would love to help you guys out with this!


Thank you, @sidnya! It would be fantastic to get your help.

Will write again after we hear from other folks.



Let’s differentiate from other podcasts like this, to avoiding content overlapping…


What the Tech, a podcast series by Pat Matsueda (@patm, twitter profile) :

  • estimated length: 15–20 minutes
  • estimated frequency: twice a month

First podcast: interview with Gokulakrishna Sudharsan (@gkrishnaks, twitter profile), a tech person who lives in India and is a member of HTC’s Community Team. Gokul has created three Firefox addons, listed also here:

  • Cloud Firewall: it enables you to choose & block top 5 cloud companies based on their IPv4/6 ranges.
  • Wayback Everywhere: it redirects all pages to snapshots in theinternet archive and auto-saves pages / auto-excludes sites.
  • Warn Common Password: it shows a warning notification to users when they enter a common password in any Password or Security answer field.

He is a strong believer in free, open-source software. Pat would like to explore the FOSS developer culture with him: precepts, practitioners, and prospects.


@gkrishnaks and I have scheduled a call for Sat., June 22. If there are particular questions you’d like us to cover, please LMK.


You may want to look into using Sound Cloud for podcast audio. That is something many independent creators do. Also a good element to add to this would be promoting the forum within the podcast so people come visit us. This is going to be really cool. If you need any help with audio or editing I can try to pitch in!

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All these ideas are great; thank you, @sidnya. I will certainly contact you when we’re ready.

I just recently became a Sound Cloud member, BTW.


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