New HTC podcast series

Hi all,

the first episode of our new podcast series is out!

  • Read on our blog about its birth
  • Here’s the podcast page in our website

Hoping this is just the first of many collaborations between HTC members.

If you know/do/contribute to something valuable and you think it’s worth sharing with the community circle, contact me or @patm to go to the center of the circle and speak about it, it could be the next HTC podcast episode!


“Your undivided attention” has quickly become my favourite podcast, because it really struck a nerve with me! I eagerly await each new episode. But tt seems, the podcast has been on hiatus for a while now. Are you planning to release new episodes?

The Humans Tech Community has it’s own podcast different than CHT!

oh sorry, I overlooked that. But thanks for the headsup! I will check it out.

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@micheleminno & @patm

I have a podcast which looks into a lot of the issues which HTC is looking to address. Can we see if we can identify a topic which we can discuss or do an interview about.

I am not posting links atm as I dont want to spam the forum and respect what is being achieved. I am also looking into a lot of psychology and cognitive processes to better understand the topic to develop better mental skillsets. Let me know how I can learn or contribute.

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Thanks for writing, @lancewan. We can work on another podcast if you want to be interviewed.


Brilliant, which topics do you want to talk about and focus on?


Lance, can you submit a short list with a few words about each topic to give us a better idea of your interests and/or approaches?

Many thanks.


My interests are
cognitive science
mental models
social engineering
Physiology - especially vagus nerve as it is integrally tied to social engagement allowing for thinking with the body through awareness.

I am focusing on how all of these topics combine to explain how you think. These topics all coincide with each other. I have read the work that Justin Rosenstein did using the Like button in FB. The article about addictiveness of social platforms is something which I dislike but for someone establishing a podcast and website presence this is required. A strange dichotomy. I have weaned myself off the addictiveness of the app. I can clarify more on this later.


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Sounds good. Shall we schedule a meeting? Would like to invite @cameron_t_adams, @jaedaemon, and @micheleminno if they’re interested–and whoever else would like to talk about these things.

This would be an informal, brainstorming meeting where we share thoughts and ideas and possibly come up with a production schedule.

Lance, what time zone are you in and when are you free for a Jitsi meeting?

Apologies Pat I am in London so UTC. I can be free for a Jitsi meeting in the evenings or Wednesday on leave .

My laptop was in for repair hence my hiatus.


Thank you, Lance. Let me see if anyone else wants to join the conversation.

Let’s go ahead and schedule a time, and we can let others know. Looks like you’re 11 hours ahead of Hawaii, so please suggest a day and time that are good for you.


I just got back from a weeks leave. Let me check my work schedule next week to make sure I dont have an on call clash. Can you do a daytime call Hawaii time as I can try to schedule something in based on my work from home time.