Discussed the Center for Humane Tech on a software podcast

Hi - I’m the developer of an Internet blocker for Linux called Chomper. I was on a video blog/podcast today talking about Chomper. At the end of the show, we spoke for a few minutes about the Center for Humane Tech.

I thought you all might enjoy the show - any thoughts on the podcast, Chomper, or the cleanliness of my living room are greatly appreciated!

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Hi Aniket!

I have added Chomper to the awesome-humane-tech list on Github in the Mindfulness section :slight_smile:

This means you can add the Humane Tech badge next to the title in your README.md, if you’d like…

Just add:

[![Humane Tech](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/engagingspaces/awesome-humane-tech/master/humane-tech-badge.svg?sanitize=true)](https://github.com/engagingspaces/awesome-humane-tech)