Your ideas and input for TechPedia?

pl look at a database of 200k engg projects by 500k studnets, will appreciate ideas about its replication globally, it is a library in open source

This looks like a large and complicated project. When you speak of replication, what facets are you thinking of?

Hi @Anilg,

I moved this to its own topic. It seems techpedia has a broader reach than our community of Humane Technology. I think humane tech could be a sub-section in your site, as well as a set of best-practices engrained throughout the other topics. I.e. you want your students to follow ‘the right path’. Am I right?

If you want to get good feedback you should explain in more detail how you think CHT can help you, where humane tech fits in, and what your objectives are.

(PS. Your site should run under https and I get 404 errors when hovering over the menu. For SSL you should look into applying Letsencrypt, it’s free).