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I hope this site doesn’t allow people to promote technology that isn’t directly focused on humane technogy. If a tech company is interested in a “humane tech review”? Perhaps in the future could this be an offshoot of Humane tech- to offer tech companies a humane tech review? I feel the tech world closing in a little with an introduction I saw.

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Thanks for helping keep this community focused, and flagging content.

Anyone who is interested in humane tech, even if they haven’t succeeded in understanding what that means for them, should be welcome to say hello. A separate category for ‘humane tech review’ could work, with experienced community members offering consultation + review services [consumer-reports style].

Please feel free to encourage newcomers to remember why we are here, and to find the right place to have the conversations they’re looking for.


Thank you metasj. I see people trying to network, and based on the posting it’s not clear what the goals are.

I see the same. Miami swim meets are a bit far afield – but fine as long as people don’t include links to their own website. Introducing themselves and discussing how they think their work helps, and what challenges / opportunities they face, is ok.

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