What the Tech: Infographic about harmful app UI design building blocks (discussion)



Added some visual updates to make the elements stand out some more. Also changed very minute pars of the wording. easily un-do able if they are not to y’alls liking. I accidentally did it within yours @micheleminno! I can revert it later if you do not like it!


Bootiful! You two make a great team.


I like it @Siddhi! Let’s wait for other feedbacks…


I created a campaign about that.
Here’s the campaign in the github repository.

@patm what do you think about sharing this first infographic through our social channels?


I had the same (excellent) idea. We can get people’s reactions.

I will start with MeWe.


Does anyone want to make another infographic about how trackers/cookies work? Also, would it be alright if I shared this on my Instagram?


Yes, of course; feel free to share if it’s OK with Michele.

Also, I think you’d suggested we create a Instagram page in which we show examples of technological dangers. That’s a great idea.


Cool! Should we use the HTC instagram or make a new one? (Hypothetically if we choose to do so)

I think making a different one would be better bc it might undermine the HTC platform/message.


Let’s make a new one. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Amazing…now the challenge is…what to name it :joy:


How about What the Tech.

OK, just being funny :relaxed:


I love it. That is what it is going to be.


Does anyone know if we have any graphic designers in the community?
Would be good if we could settle on one visual style for HTC.

In any case, through insta and other channels we can always reshare content from other public sources (after checking the content, scrutinizing the source and with reference).

A quick google search on your idea of the infographic for cookies led me to this (source).
Slightly different, but a nice clear guide to improve protection of personal privacy online.


I found two graphic designers, but they have not posted in a long time. I will PM them and see what happens. Also having a combination of our own content AND others seems like a good idea.


Here is the What the Tech instagram account. As soon as @micheleminno says its okay, I will post the infographic, as well as the article that @Mndctrl posted.


Looks good! I’ve signed up through FB, so a follower you don’t recognize is me :books:


Sure @Siddhi, post it on What the Tech! Then I have in mind another infographic too… (about the backend side of all this - algorithms etc. - the invisible harmful design).


What do you think about posting this image and inviting people to join our book club? This would make them aware of the solutions side of what we do.



Yes of course! Is there a dedicated book club thread I could link in the post?