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Hello Humane Tech,
My name is Matteo, i’m from Italy, and i work as a data visualization designer. I am interested in studying the impact of social media on society from a cognitive, social and political point of view. I have already read many books and articles on the subject and would like to know if you can suggest me interesting and meaningful data to analyze and visualize.
Is it true that social media has a negative impact? How can we prove it?
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Matteo Sacchi

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Hi Matteo,

Welcome! I recommend you take a look at the Ledger of Harms and the statistics that comprise it.

Is that what you are looking for?

Thank you! this is exactly what i was looking for…do you think it would be useful to organize this informations in a more narrative way using data visualization as a tool for advocacy?


Yes! If you check out our instagram page and infographic making thread, you will see thatbis exactly what we need!

Thank you Siddhi, thank you, I will definitely check them!

Hi Matteo, nice to have someone else from Italy on the forum! If you want you can help up crafting infographics for the Instagram account (and not only) Siddhi posted about.

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