We need to make a short version of this information for a larger audience.

  1. We need to make a short version of this information for a larger audience.
    I don’t know if that means a condensed version of the video or a PDF or a one page webpage.

update: the humane tech website does have a one page high-level thing. Good start, but one more level of complexity from that. Basically, just a slide deck of the slides from the Tristan’s presentation would be pretty awesome!

  1. Can someone who has access to CHT blog add a note that the “Kids” part of the video starts at 21:24 and the talk starts at 23:29 or so.?? Please and thank you. This is important addition.

  2. Would be nice to develop at “BEFORE” and “AFTER” design pattern in one page. Showcasing what a poor design looks and acts like and what a good design looks and acts like.
    (An example could be the instagram “before” with likes and “after” without likes.)


yes indeed we do Chris, and thank you for joining. This is a new and fresh movement so lots to do, lots of mistakes to make, and lots of learning for all of us.

I love the idea of a before and after, that’s a good idea. We are also fielding a community awareness campaign if you have any thoughts to contribute here.

EDIT: @aschrijver do we have a dedicated area that can collect “solutions” or proposals from the community? @chris_davies_sanjose these are fresh ideas and we want to make sure they can be archived and processed and build momentum.

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Check out the Focus section! Maybe that is what you are looking for?

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