Announcement Video - Just Reactions Thread ( aka Holy Cow that was FANTASTIC)

Wow wow wow. 10/10 Tristan. Wow. Such a great analysis and synthesis and all. I’m truly inspired.
This should be required watching for all product folks in the Bay Area. Or highly suggested :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to the video -


It really was! Thank goodness I attended to the email about the livestream! :slight_smile:

I feel like this design kit will be revolutionary.


Such good content and pacing and setup and then solution. So well done!

I’m downloading the (slow and clumsy Vimeo) to make a youtube video of it now.

Is that Steve Woz on the front row?

Youtube copy (Vimeo is almost unwatchable with non-high speed internet) is going up:


What do you think about the “humane incentives” part? Do you think companies will compete in being more humane, the race to the top? Or will they just continue to compete for the bottom of the brain stem, human emotions, the race to the bottom?

Also I couldn’t agree more about the presentation, brilliant and a strong case for a humane future.

And welcome Chris. Hope to see you involved in the Community and thzt you bring your enthusiasm for building humane tech!


@chris_davies_sanjose There is no video at that link! (Maybe its blocked on my school wifi or smthng) Excitedly waiting to hear a synopsis or see the full video!

It’s about 30% loaded. Should be done by 4:15pm :slight_smile:

Update: Youtube rejected it for being too long. Ok, need another 30mins


(Thank you)^100000

Haha some math humor

It was regenerative incentives, I think. And yes, I think they will–because they find it in their economic and self-interest to do so.