Want to Start a Non-Profit Addressing Internet Addiction & Mental Health

Hello Humane Tech Community,

I am new to this site and have been doing some research to try to understand what exists in terms of organizations addressing internet/gaming addiction and the issues surrounding social media/tech use and mental health & self-image.

I am about to receive a Master’s degree in the biomedical sciences and through interacting with many colleagues, psychologists and healthcare professionals, I have come to realize that internet/tech addiction is still virtually unknown to clinicians and the public.

Being in the research triangle (Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) of North Carolina, I have had an awakening that I would like to start up a non-profit that addresses these issues initially on a local level, and perhaps later in a more widespread fashion.

Personally, I watched my brother struggle with internet/gaming addiction in which he went through two rounds of rehabilitation at the only internet addiction rehab site in the country (that is a whole other issue that needs to be addressed). I have many personal ties to professionals in the field of tech addiction and I have realized it is my calling to spread awareness of this issue and help those that are struggling to connect with resources.

I would love any input about this idea and if anyone has knowledge of starting their own non-profit, I would love to connect. I am passionate about getting this up and going but I am concerned about where to seek funding and am only in the initial stages of reaching out to like-minded individuals and organizations.

Wishing you all the best!


I’ve heard there are many internet/gaming addiction centers in South Korea (I think?). Perhaps you could visit these places and shadow professionals. I see out of country professionals visit the university hospital I work at all the time…