Sane social networking for Addictions and Mental Health - feedback wanted

In running support services for addictions over two decades I saw the potential of technology - in particular the power of mutual support and ‘affinity group’ identification for people trying to sustain recovery after they leave treatment. I set up several online resources for organisations I worked for, but this is difficult to do well and most addictions and mental health groups have to fall back on what is already there.

There is huge reliance on Facebook and other mainstream social network products, but this is really not fit for this purpose. There are huge confidentiality issues and not everyone wants to mix their struggles with mental health and addiction with their family and friend networks. The advertising model is horrible and you can end up with adverts for alcohol alongside an forum for alcoholics…

I therefore set out to build a bespoke support platform. The focus is to provide the tools so that existing support groups and organisations can coordinate and support each other online. So I am not trying to create a new community - but support existing communities.

The tag line is therefore: “The online community of Recovery communities”

It is freshly hatched and has more or less no users yet. Over the next few weeks I will hone the on-boarding process with videos and clearer guidance and approach groups to have a go at building their community on the site.

I would however greatly appreciate anyone with a ‘humantech’ frame of mind to take a look and provide feedback on the site. The aim is to focus these communities on ‘time well spent’ rather than the vacuous ‘maximise engagement’ of the big players.

The site is: - please feel free to create an account and have a look around. Unless you consider yourself in recovery yourself, tick the box as a professional OR Family / Friend (everyone is in the Family / Friend category, unfortunately).

There is a forum built into the site and you could feedback there - or click reply to this topic.

Huge thanks for any feedback…


Hi, I registered but I didn’t get the email to confirm my account… (there0s nothing in the spam box).