Consumed by the Internet - Understanding, Experiencing and Solving Digital Addiction

Dear Community,
our next Humane Tech Meetup in Berlin will be called “Consumed by the Internet - An Event on Digital Addiction”.

We seek to foster an environment of vulnerability and openness, to enable everyone to share, and experience the issue - and hopefully inspire some empowering solutions. For this, we’d like to anonymously collect some real experiences from real people.

Have you experienced moments of overwhelm, helplessness, addiction? We would love for you to share them in our short anonymous survey.

If you know about similar experience reports, please share them!

Here’s the link to the survey!

If you’re based in Berlin and want to join the event, please join the meetup group here:

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Most addicts dont notice addiction or compulsive behavior that is kind of how it works until the user tries to stop and realizes they are in immense pain.