USA hotel censors

At a chain hotel for a few days and the network is so wonky it took a while to figure out why some things I do work here and some the page doesn’t load etc and says dns error.


Not working:

It is censorship. I got online circumventing it with a proxy but I couldn’t even look for one I had it saved from earlier, ridiculous. I didn’t pay for “free wifi as long as we aprove what you do” I paid for wifi. This is bs man.

Maybe not a bad idea to get a list of proxy addresses and encrypt it or tor on usb just in case you have to stay in a place that practices this draconian nightmare IT policy.

To get around it, sign into wifi with password like normal, then connect proxy or tor or both or vpn whatever you want.

The internet was a great tool at one point. Best way I heard it described was in an article from this persian dude the iranians called the blogfather who had the most popular blogs in iran when blogging was the shit. He was arrested by the mullahs in 2008 and imprisoned until fam in canada could bribe him out of prison in 2015. Imagine not seeing the internet that entire time and then emerging in canada 2015 thats what he saw and what happened to him. And the new internet he saw was repulsive and he described it like this:

“The internet used to be a wonderful book. Corporations have turned it into a television.”