Security and Privacy Checklist for New Computer?

Hi everyone,
I am going to be building a computer soon and was looking for suggestions for things I should make sure I do for security and privacy. Does anyone use a checklist for this? Any good links or videos to check out? This will be my home desktop for just average, everyday use.

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Dont get a processor with known firmware vulnerability. Basically lots of intel chips were easily broken into based on an attack that can only be patched by an update to the operating system microcode if they write it which it’s specific to each chip. Also no windows ever. Open and cut any mic wire and drill out any camera. Meltdown and Spectre are the two major attacks but there are more. There is a great site about software and how to set that up made by duckduckgo and it is

I think this will have what you need to be secure enough for daily computing. Good luck.

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Another good resource is Privacy Tools (though a bit more clicking needed in the new web design)

And also you might find some nice goodies on our own awesome humane tech list.


Thanks guys. I’m going to start checking all this stuff out. :+1: