Universities, Professors, Master's Programs Involved in Humane Tech?

Hey all,

I’m currently looking for graduate school programs (specifically Master’s degree programs) that are related (in some ways) to the pillars of humane technology. I’m particularly interested in cognitive science, behavioral psychology, embodied cognition, East-West psychology, and HCI. I’m wondering if members of this community may know of researchers, professors, and/or programs that they would recommend I look into, especially whose work relates to an integration of psychology, neuroscience, spirituality, and technology?

I am a US citizen, and I am looking at programs around the world (though particularly in Europe and on the West Coast of the US)

I have been looking at California Institute of Integrated Studies, whose programs are quite eclectic in their multidisciplinary approach, though there is less focus on technology within most of the faculty research projects.

Thank you kindly.


Hi there, have you looked into coaching?
Consciously Digital offers a program that exactly is multidisciplinary, combining neuroscience, psychology, design etc. Not directly spirituality, but we talk a lot about purpose and values. It is the the first digital wellbeing coach training in the world certified by International Coach Federation. www.consciously-digital.com/coaches

Hi mani!,
I love your question and your questions. They are of a strong draft and I wish your questions were answered. Personally I have also been doing them for more than 20 years and without any response. On such important issues that affect human survival on this planet. We are going through the most disruptive era of humanity (period 1998 to 2036).
I tell you: in 1999 I started research studies until 2015 ending with the writing of a doctoral thesis that deals with the economic and social impact of interconnecting human brains through telecommunication networks (what we all know and use today). All this through a thesis called Cell Theory of IPO-NET systems. Then I have continued to date with another PhD program called Brains Networked Society. In other words, the new social model that I am sure it will do during the process 1998 to 2036, We are already in the year 2020, so the new model is in the process of gestation quite advanced, facing 2036.
I also wanted to comment that for more At the age of 29 I have simultaneously shared my professional activity as an engineer in Telefónica, as Associate Professor in a School of Telecommunications and Electronics Engineers and for over 21 years as a researcher in the field. Based on all this, I must tell you that I am unaware that there is any university that deals with these issues in a multidisciplinary way and I am very afraid that there will be one. Teachers?
For 29 to date as a professor and researcher but I fear a lot in a comprehensive way neither is anyone found. Postgraduate programs in masters, doctorate or postdoctoral, either. Human technology? Infinity of perspectives that associate one and others make it infinite. I would say that there is only one technology led by Bigtech (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft in Silicon Valley) and only one human. Although different races and families we are all made of the same pasta. It would be too long to share your deep questions and I don’t feel so alone anymore
! It is a pleasure and I hope to share ideas. Much encouragement and go ahead … !!
I leave you a 4 minute video clip about my latest experiences on this topic.


I haven’t looked into coaching – thanks for introducing this opportunity to me! Adding it to my watchlist and will come back late 2020 for the 2021 application wave. Much appreciated :slight_smile: