The Great Recycling Con

"The greatest trick companies ever played was making us think we could recycle their products."This video shows how deceptive a lot of companies are. The truth is that only small amount of our waste plastic particularly are being recycled.


Shows how little teeth governments have, and how marketing and advertisement are used to create myths. The thousand comments under the video are worth skimming through at least. We are always dealing with complex systems everywhere we go. But we function under the impression of simplicity. “Give consumers the illusion of what they want, and they’ll be just as happy as the real thing. Only, it’s cheaper for us to create the illusion rather than the reality. So less costs and more profits for us!!” But the “affordable illusion” actually makes us collectively pay a stupendous price: our nature, our society, our future.

Another recurring theme about our world in general is how we reduce our goals and principles to simple symbols or proxies, which in the end, can get mistaken for the real things they are representing, and easily get misused or misinterpreted knowingly or unknowingly: the recyclable logos on products, the cash in our pockets or figures in our digital accounts, the scores and certificates from our educational journey, and the likes, followers, views on social networks. What I’m saying is: this makes us optimize our strategies and behavior for these proxies or symbols, rather than the actual values that they were supposed to be representing.

It’s not exactly laziness, most of the people are slogging it off… But somehow, despite being so busy, we’ve all been sleeping, and the corporations have been controlling our governments and all of us, rather than the other way. We seriously need to turn these things around! AND in a creative, constructive, peaceful way please!! This world has seen enough protests, violence, chaos already.

We need more independent creators and problem-solvers. Like white-blood cells and miracle medicines for defeating a cancerous growth in an organism (?: I’m not sure how well this analogy holds, not a medicine person! But I basically meant having more alert and active citizens will be like having a resilient immune system, plus we’ll need good medicines, for nullifying the systemic cancer growth - maybe something which will turn the bad cancerous cells into nutrients that boost the organism’s health? That’d great!)


Nicely put, learner2020-and accurate! Who knows what to do really? It’s often impossible to see a useful way forward, we truly are in the mire and it’s of our own making. Every one of us has played a part in contributing to the mess we find ourselves in–of course, some more than others, perhaps…
‘But somehow, despite being so busy, we’ve all been sleeping’ … I believe it’s because we’ve been so busy that we’ve been sleeping. The endless and enormous level of distraction out there is the real culprit, locking all of us into anywhere but this moment. Present moment awareness sees right through the distractions. It sees them as the illusions that they are as opposed to the reality that they pass themselves off as being. Present moment mindful awareness has done and can continue to work absolute wonders in this world. Pass it on, as they say!


But recycling has always been green salve to assuage white guilt. Recycling merely justifies waste. Unless you can reverse the second law of thermodynamics.

Just more lies they tell us to believe that limitless consumption is compatible with sustainable life on this planet. Reduce, reuse or perish.


@richard1 @greg @LaurenceHerbert There is a potential “Quality” in nature. And with “Work”, we are able to tap it, make it accessible, adapt it for our situations, making it into a practical “Value”.

I can grow rice and you can grow lentils. We can share it and enjoy a meal. Thus we co-operate and share the Value that we are creating. There is no debt. There is a direct exchange or sharing of Value.

But what if I’m unable to grow rice during a period, and so unable to transfer Value directly to you, in exchange for the Value you are giving me? I will write on a piece of paper “I promise to pay you the said Value in the future”, sign it and give it to you. Thus, I’m indebted to you. In the future and over time, as & when I’m able to grow rice again and transfer any real Value to you, once it fulfills the debt, you can tear the “promise letter” and we can set the debt as having been cleared.

Having this system of “promise letters” is useful, as there are fluctuations in the Value each party can create at any given time. Also, since there are many parties creating Value in different ways (say different forms of food with nutritional content not found sufficiently in just rice and lentils). So, to allow us to trade Value in different permutations and combinations with other parties, we started exchanging “promise letters” whenever we couldn’t transfer real Value directly.

There is a lot of money going around. There is also a lot of debt. Well, we’ve forgotten that money is “promise letters” - promises to fulfill the debt at a later time. It is a “procrastinating economy”. “We’ll figure it out later, let’s enjoy now…”

Limitless consumption, and limitless creation of debt against that, without keeping the limited “Quality” in nature in mind, was bound to be unsustainable. Sure, there is a limitless energy in the universe, but we are confined to one planet for now, and the limits have long been shown to us. But “corporations”, diagnosed to be “psychopath persons”, have optimized the system for their narrowly defined “profits”. Most people and most life on the planet has been exploited. But we keep working for more debt (money), rather than “Work” for “Value”. Blinded by the symbols and proxies, mistaking them for what they are representing. Money ain’t Value. It was designed to be a promise to pay back that Value at a later date. Got it @Free?

I’m discussing about this “Anti-Work” system that we have in place on another topic: The Anti-Work Phenomenon: Can you explain it? (plus, a new perspective on Work)

Very fair assessment. One of the callouts that might be missing is that 95% of the global financial industry is not based on real value exchanged but on leverage. Financial systems are distorted that the value of goods and labor are less than 1/20th of what the financial systems represent … largely because banks, investors, etc. are allowed to place financial bets that are 20x assets. So most of the economy is based not on human trade but ghosts.

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Oh yeah stock markets etc. I totally missed that… So, most ‘money’ is just flowing through the casino model? How does that even make sense?

I mean, let’s say there’s this new company which has a great R&D department, some great thinkers, scientists, designers, businessmen etc. are working there, and it is developing some innovative products and services. It’ll be great to get more funding. How would the financial industry help here, v/s investors, incubators, crowdfunding or bootstrapping?

Can we exchange a few thoughts on this topic @greg? Should we start a new topic, since this could be deemed off-topic? Or perhaps, it does sound like a “greater recycling con” (“let’s keep speculating on the future value of something so that the bubble gets as big as possible and we can fill our pockets to the max - who cares if the value does get created in reality - the illusion is stronger”?

Probably makes sense as a separate topic. We’ve probably annoyed enough people as it is here. :slight_smile:

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