Announcement Video - Analysis of Tristan's Positive Solutions

Here’s a thread for discussing the positive solutions that Tristan outlined.

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Tristan - “Unlike Climate Change, this only requires about 1000 people to get involved.”.
Great point to get in


Great analysis and interesting and feasible way how to move forward out of vicious circle…
It would be nice to hear also reactions from those 1000 people… it would require also some kind of profit reduction, question is if tech world is ready for that in the name of humanity … but I believe when awareness is spread all over the world they would be ready for that …even non voluntarily…but it does not matter. Important is to turn things in right direction…


I believe that given a real choice, people would choose a humane tech service. Humane tech would win 100% of the time if all else were equal.

I think there is enough money in the major parts of tech for them to make humane versions of each major part of tech and still be able to pay all the bills. Humane tech could provide something about equal to big bad tech’s offerings, tech that helps people be brilliant, and people would choose these over big bad tech. What do you think?


Oh, it’s also a WIN-WIN.

A lot of people are hating on facebook everywhere. They know or sense it’s toxic.

If you are facebook, you need to realize, when people really dislike your product’s effects, your future is not bright.

See how many people have moved to snapchat because its built to be private.
Even Mark Z announced this year, they are de-emphasizing public and going more private.

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@Free I agree with you… but we have to follow moral, higher good … people have so many flaws and it seems that technology just amplifies it… my (I hope wrong) doubt is if ordinary people are not able to distinguish what is good and what is bad for so many reasons (lack of information and time, ignorance, laziness etc. and of course big tech are extremely efficient of targeting lower instincts…) …
It is right that people are hating (or declare it) FB, but there are already alternatives and not so much of them did something for it (yes, it requires some kind of effort and sacrifice, it is not for free and I do not mean money-wise) even after recent and nasty scandals…but maybe they are not just aware enough …and of course have other priorities in their live… people are not innocent and pure victims in this situation…I was never part of any social network and I was always suspicious about online world, but it took me years to orient myself in this. And I am still almost blind in comparison with your knowledge and experience…It is too complex for people. Unfortunately it is not just bad big tech vs good and exploited people… I believe that whole society will start recognize what is the real situation and that we are in real danger. I have so many examples in my surroundings …even when I have strong facts and arguments on my side…it is almost impossible to persuade them to make some real and easy actions in order to improve situation…I think it just take time and believe that turning point was already made…
It will not be easy, but definitely it is possible.
I believe that this will be our future:

I really hope we will gradually replace old system by new, better one.

Hey guys,
I could not watch the livestream till the end.
Where do I find it now?

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