Announcement Video - Analysis of Tristan's Problem explanation.

Here’s a thread to discussion Tristan’s analysis of the problem to be addressed.

What nuggets stand out to you?

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  1. I love and highly agree with the point that it’s not that “Humans are bad” (at usage and all those negative behaviors). That angle is just not helpful and is not the core truth. The digital systems are driving and enabling this behavior.

  2. Love the “Voodoo doll” analogy. I hope that one sticks. It’s a great icon for the needed standard “language” we need to develop. (Also classically called talking points in community organizing).

  3. “Downgrading humanity” - I like it I like it. Good word choice.


Yes exactly! This comes from recent neuroscience. As does his mentions of emotions as a driving force, biological state, and agency being reactive and easy to manipulate.

I think he is spot on. In many ways pur systems are on autopilot and we’re already on the path to make the choices we make well before we’vr made them. That is scary because that means machine learning knows what a typical person, or each of us individually, will do or what we’re interested in before we know ourselves, and this means machines can manipulate and control us.

So stop and breathe, relax and think.