MANIFESTO about good manners with the AI

Helo All !!!
I have drafted a 1-page, semi-serious Manifesto about the relationship among humans, AI and the “good manners”. I deemed it wise to get a feedback from you before it’s out of the window…
There’s a bet on the table with my son to reach some visits, so every suggestion that could make me win is warmly welcomed :smiley:

Your link does not seem to working (maybe it is just me). Do you mind re posting it? I am really interested in taking a look at it.

It does not work for me either…

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I repaired the link @Bozon. Nice subject. You are working with your son on it? Don’t know his age, but in general such projects, done as hobby, would be a great way to raise awareness and teach critical thinking with young people. Note that in the Good AI / Ethical AI, there is an enormous amount of work ongoing.

Thanks @aschrijver for repairing the link !
Yes, I worked on it with my son, who just turned 11, and I’d like him to start thining critically about his forthcoming relationship with PAs. Unfortunately, we’re not on social media, so it’s hard to circulate the subject… many thanks !

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Sorry @sidnya, this one should work if you cut and paste on browser:

If you can help me circulate this subject, I will appreciate a lot. I’m not on conventional social media, so I’m a bit cut off the mainstream :smiley:

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I never thought about AI this way. Very cool.

Sorry @Bozon, this one should work if you cut and paste on browser:

Thank you !

That is really cool! If exposing kids on that young age to this gently and while having fun, they can really get great hobby and do fantastic things. Well done @giorgio :+1::smiley: