Artificial Intelligence 4 good

I’m helping Dr. Vivienne Ming launch Socos Labs for a very related mission - using tech (in this case Artificial Intelligence) for humanity. We combine machine learning, cognitive neuroscience, and behavioral economics to help companies and organizations maximize life outcomes for their staff or clients in the education field or in the workplace.

I’d love to partner with those interested in AI to help solve “wicked problems” together using Vivienne’s “mad science” expertise! We’re starting to work on issues of inclusion in society - from refugees to diversity in hiring and entrepreneurship financing - and how we can add value and insights to their work; change industry behavior towards more inclusive growth!

Pls email me at if interested.
Bulbul Gupta


Hi @bulbul,

Interesting company and beautiful site, though I do not have application for AI… yet :slight_smile:
Couldn’t find much information on what you do for non-profits, i.e. on the Socos Foundation…