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I am working with @MaciejBud to create some awareness videos. Here are some possible topics (they are in a document this is not a link to a website). If you want to add things let me know, but this is the initial outline I will be sending the folks and Explain it Visually.




Hi @Siddhi, great!
There’s also this list here.
I did this possible storyboard for a video that shows the effects of changing technology on social behaviour in a bar. I have also a video with the animated storyboard synced with the music in my local computer.

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Awesome. Maybe we can send that to them as a concept? They do more explanitory videos though. Along the lines of ASAP Science if you have heard of them.

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Hey Siddhi,

Let’s powwow asap! As coincidence has it, I actually have a campaign for HTC and was hoping there are some creators or influencers in the community.

I’m a bit all over the place on time, but hope to post this today if I can. Perfect timing, your post! Chat soon



@Siddhi this is just a suggestion how about including the topic of advocacy for healthy competition in the tech industry (apps makers, services etc). Which would create an environment not only beneficial to the consumers but to the industry as well. Companies are more sensitive, and aware of the concern and the needs of the market if they are looking all the time on their rear view mirror. I might add that some of the harms we are talking here will be significantly address if this happen.

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For sure. Could you elaborate on how we could make a video about that?



@Siddhi I’m not really good on this video thing. But we are aware that if for example there is fierce competition in the fastfood chain business in a certain market this give each competitor motivation to change or improve in order to outdo each other or not survive. Changing the menu or offering better products, better services and lower prices to compete to align with the consumers’ interest. Do you think they would change for the better if they have no competition? These are only some of the advantages if we have healthy competition. This is true too in the tech industry. Business is business greed is always there. As the tech industry biggies sort of motto “growth at any cost” at the expense of the consumer. The best way to counter greed is competition. Nothing short of fierce competition or regulation would motivate them to change for real if their profits are at stake. We need change and lots of choices.

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I would like just to add this opinion piece why competition is important not only to the consumers, to humanetech advocacy for ‘realigning technology for humanity’s best interest’ but to the tech industry as well.https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/10/opinion/facebook-china-tech-competition.html?fbclid=IwAR2Qv6rrWHTVjZ-HMz-lbPqW0pEq-grQOgdHPp6x16QEPQSpzk92Csc5sSM

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I like this. Im thinking of making some kind of infographic about it @micheleminno. Its important that the buisness side of this is adressed with as much care as the wellness side, I think.

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This could also be something to explore:
Consider the “voice in your head” when you are reading a novel, or long format journalism… some text that forces you to THINK, not just respond or react.
Compare that to the “voice” you hear when you are engaged with social media. Which voice engages an inner dialogue to cultivate “meaning and substance”? Which voice tends to be more snarkey? Which voice helps you connect disparate thoughts and feelings? Which voice tends to be short and quick tempered?

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Hi, this idea was already in the works before you posted this thread - but it’s a full campaign concept, requiring video. Would love to hear your thoughts and if this could be something you could assist with?

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