Research - Adtech (business models) and their impact to our psychology

Dear everyone,

Super happy that the HTC is available to bounce ideas around.

I am working on my doctoral thesis and would love to solicit your help. I am trying to find bodies of research that link adtech (primarily the business model) and our wellbeing. More importantly, I’d like to connect with you (academics, practitioners etc.) that are interested in this topic. I want to delve further into this space to get an understanding of the work that has been done.

Please note that I am trying to steer clear from front-end interfaces (i.e. Social Media) and really tie the core business models that drive the “free” internet.

Thanks to all for your help and looking forward to connecting with you!


Welcome to the community, Harinda!

This is a great subject area and very interesting for HTC to delve deeper into. I saw you also posted in Business model innovation, which is good.

We just created the first MVP of our Community Hub, and it is still quite empty there, but I think the at the Docs section for Sustainable business we should start to create an overview of alternative models.

I really like Aral Balkan’s take on Small Tech. The thread also mentions, which could a great place to get more info too.

Regarding advertising there are:

Hi Harinda, you certainly came to the right place. Speaking for myself, the ad tech problem and all the mess it has caused is one of my devoted focuses, including clear developed solutions and alternatives.

There is also another discussion here on digital advertising, including a few proposals and pros and cons of various alternatives to replacing ad tech infrastructure.

A Bigger and Greedier Dog: Greed as a solution to the ad tech problem?