Summer Job Search in Humane Technology Research/Policy

Dear CHT community,

My name is Noah Jones, I am a senior undergraduate at Brown University where I am completing my studies in Computer Science and Behavioral Decision Sciences. I am currently looking for employment opportunities for this summer (2021) that work in the Humane Tech space. I have an extensive academic research background in psychology and computer science and a deep passion for understanding persuasive technologies and the platforms that use them.

This semester at Brown, I am helping teach a discussion seminar called “Persuasive Big Tech” with renowned CS professor Michael Littman. In this class, we are introducing students to the influence of big technology companies, particularly when situated in our profit-maximization economy. We are covering topics ranging from addiction psychology to policy responses, all of which I am interested in learning more about through experiential internships. Here is the syllabus if y’all are interested in learning more.

Remote work is great pandemic considering, but I am open to hearing about all possible positions. Shoot me an email if you’re interested in hearing more about me, or might know someone who is! You can reach me at


Noah Jones

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