CHT is hiring a Research Assistant for the Ledger of Harms

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Recently, I’ve been contracting with the Center for Humane Technology to help with comms, content, and operations. CHT is seeking two short-term, part-time Research Assistants to help with the Ledger of Harms project.

Further details about CHT, the position, and the application link:

I’ve also pasted the text below. However, if someone wants to apply, they should use the form link above rather than messaging me.

Center for Humane Technology

We are building a new organization to tackle the problem of how technology manipulates and steers human evolutionary instincts. This is a massive, global problem that affects two billion people and counting. We’re working to change the way technology platforms exploit the human experience — enabling addictions, undermining social relationships, spreading propaganda, and manipulating children, to name just a few examples. Our team is small, skilled, mindful, and agile, dedicated to creating humane design standards, policy, and business models that align deeply with our humanity.

About the Ledger of Harms

Technology and social media companies have benefited our lives enormously, and many idealistic people work in the industry. But even with the best intentions, tech CEOs and employees are under pressure from funders, shareholders, and business models to prioritize profit and product usage at all costs — and that can be unhealthy, both for individuals and entire societies. The Ledger will be the most comprehensive, highest-quality data collection of the harms that don’t show up on tech companies’ balance sheets.

Responsibilities & Details

Center for Humane Technology is seeking two Research Assistants to evaluate sources for the Ledger of Harms project. We have completed a draft of the Ledger of Harms, and we need help reviewing the articles and studies that we plan to include.

This is a short-term, part-time contract role. Right now, we need two people, each of whom will work with us for 20 hours over the course of one week. These short-term roles might eventually turn into larger ones.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Evaluating dozens of studies, articles, and other sources claiming to demonstrate negative externalities and problems emanating from the design and business incentives of modern technology
  • Gathering, analyzing, and explaining data critical to our work

Candidates must be excited about the opportunity to help bring the externalities of technology platforms to light by meticulously reviewing dozens of studies, articles, and other sources. The Research Assistants will personally evaluate source methodologies; the incentives of the writers, publishers, researchers, and institutions that developed each source; and the solidity of the data, which will be both quantitative and qualitative.

The Research Assistants MUST have a deep understanding of statistical methods, and will be expected to evaluate statistical data. A Ph.D. is a huge plus.

This is a flexible start-up environment, so in-person collaboration is helpful. Thus, the ability to be on-site at the CHT office in San Francisco alongside the Ledger of Harms project lead is a plus.

LOCATION: San Francisco Bay Area

EMPLOYMENT TERMS: This is a part-time, short-term consulting opportunity with an immediate start date. We are an equal opportunity employer.

COMPENSATION: We offer competitive compensation alongside the opportunity to help solve a pressing global problem.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: We are reviewing applications on a rolling basis.


I want to suggest you touch base with the Center for Evidence Based Policy
I had the opportunity to work with them while I worked at the New York State Department of Health and found them to be the most rigorous and credible evaluators of health research in the country. They would be a fantastic partner for CHT. Feel free to contact me if you would like more info or certainly contact them directly.


Thank you Mari!! I’ll follow up with you separately. :slight_smile:

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Great news – there’s a strong need for more stats meta-analyses in this space. I hope a few focused monographs will come out of this along with the Ledger.

The UN Stats division and Data & Society are of other good networks to ping. (That UN team is mainly in Europe, not NY, IIRC)