Central resource about studies that have been/should be done on tech harms?

Does anyone know of any place that collects:

  • academic studies on tech harms such as addiction/depression/fake news, to present summaries of what we know scientifically in this space
  • suggestions of studies in that category that can/should be done

There are a lot of claims in this space e.g. ‘putting your phone in black and white will reduce your usage’ which as far as I’m aware are untested.

Having a site that brings together all the academic research to give us summaries of what we actually know about tech harms, their effects, and successful interventions seems like a good place to start. The cherry on top would be a wiki of suggested studies that the field could draw upon for inspiration.

I think this place should exist and if it doesn’t, I’d be interested in making it. Kind of like a https://www.cochrane.org/ for tech.

I’m interested in this area because the Chrome extension I develop makes a fair few of those untested claims around its interventions to make the internet less addictive, which is why I’m teaming up with academics to test which of my interventions are actually effective. HabitLab is another great example of the academic approach.



I have been looking for it but except The center of humane technology work I found nothing. So definitively interested in the topic or helping in making it if so!

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Found this very interesting piece of work on Fake News.


Yup. Echo @salves. I’m looking for the same thing and down to help.

I also want the Center for Humane Tech to put my company (Readup) through some kind of audit of our humane values/principles. We’re completely built with the humane principles in mind. And, in addition to talking the talk, I’m trying to walk the walk. Honestly, Readup would probably even pay for a “humane certification,” even though I have mixed feelings about practices like that. It’s just so tough to stand out amongst a bunch of companies that claim to have users best interest in mind, but have, as customers, advertisers. Readup’s pioneering a path out of that dark hole we’re in.

Oops. Got a bit off-topic there. Anyway, in addition to a database of peer-reviewed science/research that we can all use, a list of “humane approved” businesses (and people!) would be great so that we can really work together. That’s always been my dream for this community. We’ll see where it goes.


PS Nudge looks awesome. I don’t really need it because I don’t use a smartphone or any social media sites. My tech non-addiction is really dialed-in, basically. Check out Readup, the company I co-founded with my best friend. Here’s my profile where you can see what I’ve been reading and thinking about. And let me know if you want to compare notes sometime!


My first post waves.

I have something like this repository of info in mind for the blog I’m planning, but it would only be an extension of the PhD project I’m currently pursuing and not my central focus at present.

There are a good many journal articles on the tech-human interface that could be summarised/cited for more general consumption. Even as infographics or dataviz. It would be helpful to summarise it in one place, especially since some of this research is behind research journal paywalls.