New CHT Project & Feedback Request

(This post is cross-posted from the Announcements section, because CHT has a special interest in getting feedback from people who are concerned with children’s welfare. If you already saw the original post in Announcements, this post is pretty much the same.)

Hi everyone! Lydia here (you can read my self-introduction over here). Today CHT is releasing the Alpha version of the Ledger of Harms, which collects the impacts and externalities of technology that don’t show up on tech companies’ balance sheets.

This project is a work in progress – and we need your help. We are currently evaluating a lot more information to be included. Please suggest additions or updates using the submissions form on the site, and/or send us broader feedback in this feedback form.

We hope that the Ledger of Harms can inform the public; guide the research agenda around these topics; and help designers, companies, politicians, and journalists get the information they need for their work.

Here’s the Ledger:

And here’s a survey to gather feedback:

I’ll review what gets submitted to us (via the survey or the Ledger itself). I’ll also check back on this forum thread, so feel free to post questions if you’ve got ‘em. We’re excited to get everyone’s thoughts on this. Please do send feedback!


Cross-referencing here… I have created my general feedback in a dedicated Github repository. More info here: