Singapore chapter

I have been following Tristan Harris’s Time Well Spent movement from sunny Singapore and wonder if there are like minded folks based here. Give me a holler here if you are keen to do a meetup here in June!

More about me:
I have been involved with tech startups since 2005 in Silicon Valley, Singapore, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City. I started “detoxing digitally” in 2011 with off-grid holidays (e.g. WWOOF farming, meditation) and turning off notifications, booking personal “meetings” on my calendar, deleting friends on FB. I started a meditation app company last year after a sabbatical (very cliched, i know!) and have been exploring the space avidly. I don’t believe in a Luddite-an approach to tech and am in favor of co-existence. Would love to connect with fellow believers for a more humane + tech future!


Hey bjornlee,

I will be in Singapore in mid-July. Not sure if you are still available for a meet up?

Hey @bjornlee ,

I just joined the community here but have been living in Singapore for a few years now. Did you ever end up kick-starting a chapter?

Would love to meet up and discuss possible meet ups.

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Hi @Jamilton! Welcome to the community. If you want to (help) organize a chapter, you should look at our Eventful campaign that we are starting. If you are interested, then I’ll add your name to the chapter overview table there.

Hi Arnold!

Hope you’re well! Here we are, nearly a year later. So, I’m finally ready to start a chapter here in Singapore and think we have a good critical mass of a few core members that are ready to start making things happen in Singapore.

Please feel free to list my name as a POC as we are hoping to gather a larger community.


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Hello James,

It’s so good to hear that! I am currently a year 3 undergrad at NUS, and I am very interested in joining the Singapore chapter but unable to start it on my own because of the heavy workload at uni. Please let me know if there will be any meetup or if I can help with anything, thanks!


Great to hear @Jamilton! Once you have setup a meetup group, we can list is on the HTC website Chapters list.