Please rate my Smagotcha app

Hello everyone,

I would be really happy if my presentation sparks a discussion and hopefully you can give me some feedback:

We are building an immersive smartphone game with 3 main building blocks:

  1. the gameplay itself conveys a spiritual way of focussing on and dealing with stress
  2. in the game you can find guided meditations with a background that visualizes smartphone dependence
  3. each meditation closes with a dark screen where players can stay as long as they want

Every time a dark screen has been gone through (no matter how long), the immersive world around the player grows with plants and music. In the future the total time spent in silence could be officially published online.

The idea is to offer a platform where the balance between dependence and independence can be reached through this gameful approach.

Our website will be hopefully released at the end of this year. We are on Instagram (Smagotcha). Check it out if you want.

I would be interested what you have to say about this project. We started in late 2018 and are a team of around 10 people. We are still open for more positions so if somebody is interested let me know.

But first of all, what’s your impression?



hey @lagun4 !
The game you described sounds awesome! I’m not a gamer at all but I’d really like to try it. From your IG account, the graphics look a bit too stimulating for me but I’m guessing in movement they have a calming effect? Anyways, love the idea.

Hi @lagun4 ! I’m excited to see more about this and try it in the future.

Last year I wrote about how we could meditate using our devices. But I didn’t go as deep as you went.

If you’re interested, we could talk more about how I could collaborate with the project.

Wish you the best!


I LOVE the concept and the graphics ; I am not a gamer however the few times i tried VR I was really immerged in it, and as I love meditating I am sure I would enjoy the experience;
I was so enthusiastic that I did a post on my facebook page ( sharing some of the beautiful scenes of your game and your details as I believe in the power of #sharingiscaring
I am currently training as a digital wellness educator and I think your game can really help parents getting kids into meditation !

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Hey Audrey and Sergio,

thank you for your support!

I just finished my bachelor thesis (breaks within digital media of entertainment - but only available in German) where I analyzed a bunch of meditation apps in terms of their amount of gamification and pauses. After I put my Smagotcha app in contrast to them.

I’d love to tell you more about the project and once my own break that I am taking now is successfully absolved I am looking forward to new energy to go into the next round of production :-).

@Audz: I replied to you on facebook

So then, I will be right back!