A generative artwork to keep you off your phone

Dear all,
Today I’m launching a project I’ve been working on for some time. http://iamintrovert.co/
The app named Introvert is a generative artwork aimed to help you stay off your phone.
Right now we´re being asked to lead a sedentary life (for the sake of others and our own wellbeing). Only the mind is allowed to wonder.
I wish Introvert can help us lead a focused every day where mindful practice will direct us to make the most of these strange days ahead.
Introvert is free and open source.
Please have a try, I would love to hear any feedback!

Great idea. I love the mandalas. Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the community! Generative art has been a longtime passion of mine, as well.

Hi Jordan,
Thank you for your interest!

Same here - was always curios about generative art. And was trying to find a practical application for my interest :slight_smile:
Not sure it actually can help people focus, but it more an experiment.

I would love to see this working. Too bad it’s available only to Apple devices.

And some nice feedback you got on Hacker News, congratulations. I’ll add the app to awesome-humane-tech.

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It’s build on React native, so I will try to release Android version soon.

Thank you for your interest.

wow, thank you!

And yes hacker news… it came unexpected, had to extend my hosting plan to accommodate for all visitors:)

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