Reading... thinking... focusing

Developing long attention, being independent… We reflect quite a lot on these subjects and try to act in this direction.

Our application - french based since we think this language has great opening and adaptability for such tentative of collective thinking -, starts now, after many years of work, the second stage of its evolution-growth.

Greatly helped through online translation (DeepL mainly) which keeps getting better and help to break idioms boundaries, we are trying, mainly through our friends network all around the world, to reach people likely to take note and advantage of this community tool, hoping they understand the value it may bring on many levels.

This non consumerist software, is a little elitist, subjective, disturbing… breaks some lines, etc. Through it emerges what we call a “collective thinking”, because of the the extract’s classification via a two level tag system, a quotes chains creation function, a human moderation, and a very flexible and powerful search engine.
The first online labeling (tagging) workshop will occur pretty soon b the way.
The aim being to build a great database through the participation of fans passionate about reading, thinking and language, participants who will not be afraid to “take the time” through short readings and personal reflection.

Indeed, we believe that the integration of long and meditative time is imperative for the coming world. A finite planet where technology will reduce work and force man to turn to the consumption of non-tangible goods.

We hope that you’ll take a benevolent look at it and, who knows, find it somehow connected to your action.

Thank you very much for your attention and best wishes for the future to all.

Sincerely yours M Gaillard