ORRO - listening playground for young adults and children

Dear humanetech members!

it’s been a while that you heard from me. I would like to introduce you to ORRO once more:

ORRO leads from engagement towards a pause. It uses simple silence to give players a chance to remain still at different occasions and learn selfcare techniques in a playful way.


During the player’s journey it is possible to explore different gardens and learning topics. This way it can also be a platform for newcomers of the mindfulness and therapeutic scene.


I’ve been working on this for the last 3 years with a team of at least 6 people. It is a big project that needs more support than it has now. I would be happy if you can give a feedback on this project and/ or would like to assist. For this purpose you can also use our contact form on our website or simply send a PM here on HumaneTech.

I am the founder and team lead of smagotcha and ORRO. It is my vision to translate spiritual insights into nowadays media such as smartphone apps. One example for this is ORRO’s gameplay. It is purely based on listening via headphones. It uses the dichotomy of focus and distraction. This way we teach players to remain still in order to focus and ultimately find a hidden focus object. On the other hand our players are confronted with an ever-changing soundscape which makes use of ideas out of confrontational therapy, ASMR and sound-healing.

Also, our first gardens will be completely free/ donation-based.

In order to sustain the project and make it long lasting I would be happy to find new supporters here. We definitely need a few people with experience in marketing. This is our current weakest point, e.g. we are in need of somebody who can strategically assist with roadmaps and strategies. This would be a full time job in return for shares.


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Would love to interact and find synergy and help this amazing venture.
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