In Need of Humane Tech Minds to Provide Feedback on a Prototype

Hello Humane Tech Community!

I am in need of some Humane Tech Minds who can provide me some feedback on a prototype that some friends of mine and I worked on. The prototype that my friends and I were working on was an application that tackled the idea of bringing environmentally and socially conscious individuals together to Heal Humanity, Grow Together and Have Fun. At the time, it was called Numanity.

Numanity was intended to be the World’s First Online Social Ecosystem. The way how the application works is that it was based on a subscription model. You would pay $4.99 a month to use the app. $2.99 would be the initial fee to use the app, $1.00 would go towards a non profit of the user’s choice & $1.00 would go towards a project proposed by a non profit of the user’s choice. Users would then get to vote on those projects every month and the project with the most votes would get implemented in that particular month. At the same time, users would have quick and meaningful interactions with each other on the platform. Hence, putting their attention towards Healing Humanity and not towards an addicting User Interface.

How do we make it happen?

  1. Multi-Channel Feed - By having a quick interaction with others on the platform, completing challenges proposed by Non Profits & voting on different projects, you can put your energy towards Healing Humanity instantly.
  2. Seeds - Subcultures based on the interests that you like where you can meet others to Have Fun through groups and events put on by Non Profits.
  3. Impact-o-meter - Depending on the Non Profit you donated to and the project you voted for, you will see metrics only seen by you to improve self worth. Hence, being able to Grow Together with others on the platform.

Due to life getting in the way, one of my friends stopped working on the application. So, I took the liberty of finishing out the prototype. One thing to note is that THIS IS NOT A LIVE APPLICATION NOR IS IT PERFECT. THE PROTOTYPE IS JUST A WALK THROUGH OF WHAT THE APPLICATION WOULD BE LIKE. Please feel free to ask me about the application and all of it’s functionality. Scan the QR Code and you will be in the application. If you are not able to get into the application, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP or email me at for a video demo of the Online Social Ecosystem.

Lowell Cohen

Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 4.02.40 PM


I tried to get into the app, but unfortunately still not have received the Code. I applied with a German phone number.



Céline, let me update the code in the post and message me privately once you’re able to get int.