Personalization of tech based on biodata and machine learning

What do you think about personalization of screen experiences?
This personalization uses the webcam and machine learning for detection of heart rate and customization:

The customization of colors and fonts has shown that heart rates can be slowed down 20+ beats per minute with one color or font change.
We presented it last weekend at TransTech and it comes out of years of neuroscience research+art+science+technology+mindfulness projects using VR/AR/biofeedback with research universities and Wim Hof.

I believe this personalization could be a simple and efficient way to destress every stress user by integrating it into chatapps, personalized websites, text editors and more.
We are very careful to keep biodata inside each user’s device, and to not use our patent for profit.

Happy to collaborate on any projects to bring the calming tech into the world.
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Thank you!