Our online experience doesn’t push us towards a change in our lives

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Thank you Michele, this is one of the most wonderful things I’ve read in some time.

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Thank you so much @Free!

Hi @micheleminno. A nice tour of awareness of some of the important realities of the attention economy and, by extension, of surveillance capitalism.

Going just from the title: “Our online experience doesn’t push us towards a change in our lives” I’d say that our online experience pushed us to radical change. But not the changes that are most beneficial to us, and where we are in control of our lives. Very disruptive changes even that are an increasing threat to our individual freedoms.

I am on the one hand pessimistic about where all of this is going, while on the other hand I try to see the glass half-full and be on the solution-side of things. And on a personal level that works quite well for me. Your personal choices matter, and your article also alludes to this with:

Unfortunately there aren’t many people taking up this challenge, questioning themselves, knocking down internal walls and taboos, shaking off their laziness and shyness.

An alternative path to dealing with what the internet offers is very well possible, and doesn’t take too much effort if you adopt small improvements gradually.

It starts with awareness and after that it is all solution-orientation and micro-nudges in the right direction :slight_smile:

Thanks for creating the article!

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Hi Arnold, yes you are right, internet can be used for our own real benefits with some ‘training’ and introspection. You are welcome!