It all starts with each one of us spreading the word

I see a lot of references to Hacker News, which is great. Seems to be the preserve of techie insiders though. If one is curious about subjects such as privacy, there are lots of very informative sources on the alternatives that exist out there.

We all come here to share and learn about new things. I did learn a lot since I joined.

What the insiders know and discuss is priceless. So informative, and often, completely changes your perception of what is ok, or not ok.

Hence my suggestion here: can we educate ourselves, and then spread the word to all our friends and relatives? Why keep this knowledge to ourselves, when it could benefit many?

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I fully agree, @anon51879794!

Sharing is Caring!

It is where Awareness starts. But changing minds is hard, and changing habits and behavior is even harder - in a world where people feel they are part of a rat-race - to perform as society expects them to do - while their minds are being hijacked and distracted by the ever growing “attention economy”.

It requires perseverance, and - as you and I found out - community building comes slowly!

Dear members and readers: Share what you’ve learned on this forum, and - if you want - please mention our community in the process, and ocassionally share some of your new insights back to us, so we can incorporate it. Become a place of action, and a continuous information source of interest to all of you.

I greatly appreciate your efforts, @anon51879794 - in the Campaigners team and here - and I call on everyone to become active too: To start sharing your own insights and work in the realms of Humane Technology!

We are looking for more Campaigners to help us share!

Call for Action: Join the Humane Tech Awareness program - From Awareness to Cultural Awakening!