Global award for Human Technology

Hello all,

I think is a good idea to create a global award for Human Technology. I think that is the best if we can bring up to the public the most Humane technology products and the public eyes on it.

We need to spread all good messages and I think “awards” is something that could have an impact with minimum effort.

We will also need to have some Information Gathering analysts to focus in segments and start reviewing those into a blog.

I dont know if you are planning any of those things, but please do let me know if I can form a steering group to start evaluating if possible.

Please embrace some open source methodologies on how to run the various projects and set some ground rules!

PS: I ofc volunteer to drive this forward

Thank you.


Great idea! I would love to support such an initiative.

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Not sure how we can do it, any idea how the groups are forming here? What process we should follow?

There are some topics active on this (Goals, implementation, and progress)

With regards to the global award, I have added the following: Idea - Humane Technology Logo Program

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