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This topic is related to Global award for Human Technology

It would be great if this community could clearly define what constitutes humane technology and then compile a checklist and set of best-practices from that for website and app developers to take into account.

Additonally these sites/apps should then be rated according to this checklist… and maybe recorded in a set of ‘praising vs. naming+shaming’ pages, similar to the App Ratings page, but maintained by community contributors or even the wider public.

Finally, the top performers on the list, the most humane tech examples, would be allowed to proudly display a badge/logo on their landing page or within the app: Humane Technology. This logo links back to their position in the overall list.
The logo program could have several bagdes, maybe Bronze, Silver, Gold, or 2-star, 3-star depending on how well they are aligned with the checklist.

The global award for humane tech could then be based on an election by internet users from the top 10 or 50 or so entries in the list.

Wrt the checklist… it will contain things like:

  • Human-readable, comprehensible privacy policy
  • Clear Code of ethics present
  • Data collection policy, what’s collected, how its used
  • Privacy-first design, all privacy settings are opt-in
  • All notifications can be switched off
  • Offline modes present
  • Non-distracting UX design
  • etcetera


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Precisely! How do we start a team to make a solid proposal? Looks like that many people think and believe that such “award” can highlight and bring awareness. Happy to read this post! you are taking the idea to the next level!


With this forum we do not have a proper working environment to push this forward… there are 2 threads (Humane Tech Community Roadmap 2018 and Goals, implementation, and progress) requesting insight in plans and additional tools from the community.

Until they are available I could create a Github project where anyone willing to participate can join, and we can elaborate the plans, brainstorm on content structure and draw up texts and such. This would be in markdown format (the same format used to create posts here), which can then later on be transfered to other tools when they become available…

This thread and the award thread can be used to keep the rest of the community up-to-date on progress.

Edit: I created an example of how this would look like in Github:

What if CHT were to rate apps on compliance with humane tech principles?

In addition to the checklist and compliance check we could draft a Humane Technology Pledge and corresponding logo for companies, nonprofits and institutions that like to commit themselves to the creation and spreading of Humane Technology…


These are good ideas-- my hope is that humane tech goes beyond privacy policies to embody an ethos that includes thinking about how technology meets the needs of people employing it, not just the companies building tech. I don’t think they are mutually exclusive, but what does it look like to focus on human goals, and how much “opinion” should developers have about what is “good for” the people using technology.


I am fully with you on that @laurex!

One doesn’t have to be a futurologist to see that tech - and the problems that come with it as stated by this community - will become much more pervasive in the near future. The problem is huge and solving it is an equally humongous task. For that reason I started the topic “What constitutes Humane Technology wrt this community?”.

I think this community needs to be broader positioned, and we need the full spectrum of tools, technologies, methodologies, activism, marketing, etc. that is available to us. Otherwise this community will only solve stuff for those that are already well aware of the problem and are willing to change. Our best solution then will be cutting ourselves off from tech, which will become harder and harder.

What we do need is a strategic approach involving tech, tech ethics, business ethics, transparency, privacy, security, parenting, cultural, societal and lifestyle changes and yes, maybe even… (probably) better economic models! So yes, we need that ethos :slight_smile:

BTW With regards to privacy… I find this is often an undervalued aspect, seen as a side-issue. But it is central to much of the stated problem. We keep giving away our private, personal data to anyone who wants it. With that we let others (potentially) know us better than we do know ourselves, and to exploit that knowledge to the full extent. This is what most of the business models of the big social media platforms (and big tech in general) are based upon.


Hi all, sorry to jump in just like this (I’ve just joined the community) but shouldn’t we bare in mind that, i.e. language and books are humane technologies too… Or is this ’ humane technology’ approach solely a digital one?


Hi @Rui, sorry for being a bit late to respond. There is another thread that discusses what is in scope of ‘humane technology’ regarding this community: What constitutes Humane Technology wrt this community?


FYI While this is not for the logo program, for the awesome-humane-tech list on Github I have created a Humane Tech badge for display on the repositories that are included in the list. Currently it looks like this:

Humane Tech


Love this. There’s the beginnings of it. I have a doc where I’ve been collecting apps/services to be evaluated for how well they deliver upon humane design, or at times a net positive human metric, etc. To be honest as the focus of CHT has become more about the more immediate threats posed by the state of tech, i.e. protecting democracy and upholding the pillars of society, this has fallen by the wayside a bit. It’s absolutely something I think can be a great community project in the future to help test, vote, decide new categories etc. but it’s also going to need some guidance from Tristan & team. I always go from thinking “We can let everybody figure it out…” to having a conversation with him, seeing some of the documents he’s started and then thinking “Whoa he’s studied the bajeezus out of this and it needs to be done in a very specific way.” Sorry for the speed here, there only being one Tristan is a genuine pain point of this movement.


The community’s dependence on Tristan has been cited before as a stumbling block. Is there any way to clone him? That would be a good humane-tech project :wink:


Ha ha, now cloning is a whole different ball game :smile: