Heroes and Exemplars of Humane Technology


Dear community,

In the past we have talked about ideas for tuture initiatives, like a Humane Technology Logo Program, and Global Awards for Humane Technology Activists.

Now is the time to develop this further and start laying foundations to those 2 prior initiatives, by introducing two new concepts: one in the Awareness Realm and one in the Solutions Realm:

  1. Humane Tech Heroes - relates to awareness
  2. Humane Tech Exemplars - relates to solutions

Candidates need not be people. They can be groups, projects, products, etc.

Some examples…

Hero of Humane Technology: Steve Cutts

In the Awareness Realm, of course. His video’s IMHO should be in the ‘biblical scrolls’ we base our pyramids work on. And this following video demonstrates best of all how that fits with our Mission:

Are You Lost In The World Like Me?

This demonstrates clearly, how our minds are hijacked and society erodes by tech applied in the wrong way.

This next video shows, how in the process of introducing all this tech, we lose track of true human values, and life becomes a meaningless rat-race. Happiness has been re-defined by technology, and we all should fight to get the language right again.

Happiness, a film by Steve Cutts

Steve’s entire animation page is a work of true craftsmanship and awareness on where we are headed with our modern society. People, please go to this page. It is trulyeye-opening: Steve Cutts’ Animation Page (also prefer his own site, don’t use Youtube, with many rip-offs video’s that are in copyright breach there).

Exemplar of Humane Technology: Fairphone

In the hardware + software fairtrade side.

(TODO: Elaborate more… @PaulaFairphone, something to pick up for you?)

Hero of Humane Technology

E.g. Sir Tim Berners Lee and others striving to Re-Decentralize the Internet.

So the idea is clear. Please take it over and make this a site section or something, if you like the idea…