On HT Awesome List PR Template + drafting some methods for updating List decisons

Hi All,
I merged a Pull Request Template to be used by requesters who wish to submit projects to HT awesome list. (including a checkbox for COC at the top). Also raised this issue with list of dotted points for deciding an inclusion/update of HT awesome list. We can include some points from this to the Contributing guidelines too after your comments.

Please review : Issue #16 and let me know what you think.

We can reuse the similar PR template with modifications for other repositories also.


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I added another example (which is also a real submission) : PR #17

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Looks good, although to be honest I have no clue about github procedures etc.
Perhaps now is the time to educate myself on it.

In any case, I’ve added the ClearURL feature to my FF.

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@mndcrtl, thanks, I think the PR template looks good for now and we can update it later as needed.

Can you pls create an account in GitHub if not having an account yet, and comment there in ClearUrls PR if you think it’s a good addition to our Awesome humane tech list, so I can merge it!

I really wish to make this our habit of merging only after a/some comment from our community :slight_smile:

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Wonderful work! 100% with you, Gokul!

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