Approaching HT list apps for any inclusive wording recommendation

Hi All
Created this thread to refer any suggestions and recommendations we make to use inclusive ethical wording for their unintentional usage of some words that are in common usage.

  1. I had just raised this ticket in Blokada repo. I wrote this GitHub issue before I saw Arnold’s suggestion about this thread this to discuss. I didn’t mention HT list there because I didn’t want to sound (unintentionally imply) like they would be removed from HT list for an unintentional usage of a word in common usage in their fantastic , ethical , humane tech application. Please advise if I can edit it to mention HT list or if I am a HT community member there in GitHub issue and an example for how, if possible.
  1. In our HT List, I raised PR for adjusting to inclusive words. But I have left the matamo list to continue to say Blacklist as it’s the name of proiect created by matamo and we can adjust it once they do it first. Arnold already @ pinged them on Mastodon. I can email to them or raise issue in gitlab/GitHub in similar pattern as above later if they didn’t yet get a chance respond on Mastodon ping.


Blokada project agreed to take up on my recommendation and version 4 will use inclusive alternatives.