Discourse tweaks you should consider

My aligned platform co-op startup uses Discourse, and we blogged about the tweaks we made:


These are humane-tech aligned adjustments, particularly our privacy policy where we added a Discourse-specific section making it more clear how Discourse tracks users: https://snowdrift.coop/privacy#discourse-privacy

I encourage you to adapt this instance using our prompts.


Wonderful information here, @wolftune, super useful! Thanks for sharing. Indeed the Privacy Policy is a thing that needs to be addressed. Some other modifications are in order… We have contribution guidelines, which are more forum help, so may be renamed, and we are working on a new FAQ that addresses the community as a whole, not just the forum.


It’s linked in our blog post, but I mean to write sometime about our whole much more updated Code of Conduct approach. See https://community.snowdrift.coop/conduct

Everything we do is CC-BY-SA, so feel free to use and adapt etc.

I certainly think /FAQ should be an actual FAQ, and using /conduct is much more appropriate for what the current “FAQ” is. See https://blog.snowdrift.coop/new-forum/#fn3

I’m happy to answer any other questions about various items. Thanks for being open to suggestions. I hope this community thrives as much as possible!


Thank you, @wolftune, very much appreciated!

Just noticing that there are now standard links to PP and ToS in our hosted Discourse instance:

I think this is new… hadn’t noticed it before anyway.

Those links to PP and ToS are not new. You could add footer or other places to highlight them if you want.