Discourse tweaks you should consider


My aligned platform co-op startup uses Discourse, and we blogged about the tweaks we made:


These are humane-tech aligned adjustments, particularly our privacy policy where we added a Discourse-specific section making it more clear how Discourse tracks users: https://snowdrift.coop/privacy#discourse-privacy

I encourage you to adapt this instance using our prompts.


Wonderful information here, @wolftune, super useful! Thanks for sharing. Indeed the Privacy Policy is a thing that needs to be addressed. Some other modifications are in order… We have contribution guidelines, which are more forum help, so may be renamed, and we are working on a new FAQ that addresses the community as a whole, not just the forum.


It’s linked in our blog post, but I mean to write sometime about our whole much more updated Code of Conduct approach. See https://community.snowdrift.coop/conduct

Everything we do is CC-BY-SA, so feel free to use and adapt etc.

I certainly think /FAQ should be an actual FAQ, and using /conduct is much more appropriate for what the current “FAQ” is. See https://blog.snowdrift.coop/new-forum/#fn3

I’m happy to answer any other questions about various items. Thanks for being open to suggestions. I hope this community thrives as much as possible!


Thank you, @wolftune, very much appreciated!


Just noticing that there are now standard links to PP and ToS in our hosted Discourse instance:

I think this is new… hadn’t noticed it before anyway.