Using this forum (and the wiki)

Welcome to all! This forum is for all topics related to the Center for Humane Tech, and efforts to help humanity spend time well when using technology.

  • For meta-discussions about this community and the tools we use, use the ‘Site Feedback’ category.
  • For synthesizing ideas into organized lists, whitepapers, or short summaries of the state of a field, please use the TWS wiki.
  • If you would like to help mod or customize this forum, reach out to joe, max, arnold, or me.

Hi moderators
You improoved a lot the forum
Now it appears clean, clear and polished. A comfortable place to think and create.
Smart effort

I think we all probably need help from you to use this very useful tools

Meanwhile I want to highlight what was just wrote down in a very close issues in the topics “Topic categories that reflect core Humane Tech themes” and in “Suggestions for improvement to the community forum”.

I think in those topics there are crossing ideas with your proposal tools.

Going ahead . all this topics is it useful to be separated ?